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Roman Capitalist Catholic church


 [14 Jan 2013 - this post reflex my old polemic with Calvinism, a polemic no more actual - for the rest it remains a valid post]

Above image - A Roman Catholic banknote of 1747 ("„S. ANNAE Bund von Harlaching“, Ablassbrief aus dem Jahr 1747")
"...........In Catholic theology, an indulgence[1] is the full or partial remission of temporal punishment
due for sins which have already been forgiven. The indulgence is granted by the Catholic Church after the sinner has confessed and received absolution.[2] The belief is that indulgences draw on the Treasure House of Merit accumulated by Christ's superabundantly meritorious sacrifice on the cross and the virtues and penances of the saints.[3] They are granted for specific good works and prayers.[3]Indulgences replaced the severe penances of the early Church.[3] More exactly, they replaced the shortening of those penances that was allowed at the intercession of those imprisoned and those awaiting martyrdom for the faith.[4]
Abuses in selling and granting indulgences[3] were a major point of contention when Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation (1517).

URL of the image of the 1747 Roman Catholic Banknote of Salvation:

Jew or.... Roman Catholic? As it is clear that the domination of the world passes through the financial domination, it is an automatic consequence the Roman Catholicization not only of the minds, but also of the money.....

I'll try to explain it like it is done to children, as I see not a great ability to follow the question which is at the opposite, not so complex as it could appear. In Europe Lutheranism is practically an excellent rotten and buried corpse, meanwhile Calvinism seems to have not so much suffered from the artillery of Stalin around Koenisberg nor the phosphorous launched on Dresda. For a coincidence that phosphorous and artillery disintegrated also the last not Roman Catholic serious opposition to the Calvinist 'predestination' which seemed to be very attached to the accumulation of money. And money – in its essence - seems to be very near the theology of Rome and to those old “certificates of salvations” traded by a certain Dominican preacher of Pirna.


OK, I want to submit the spirituality of the Salvation in Jesus to a material vector which I can manipulate and hence I can manipulate the salvation of all the human beings on the earth.

I look at those pieces of metal called "money" and suddenly my evil brain is hit by a satanic idea. We will use those funny pieces of metal as vectors/boxes where to imprison the 'salvation'!!!

I instruct my SS/Jesuit ante litter-am ("Templars") to introduce in the world a most sophisticated system of management of "boxes of salvation" (= money). It is well known the role of the Templars in the birth of the modern concept of "finance".

But then I have a problem. How to charge with a "sacred", "divine" value those pieces of metal? Idea! I will not decree them "boxes of salvation", because everyone would laugh at me if not worst. I need of an "evil" religious force, which would then try to "grasp" those pieces of metal. All the people then using those pieces of metal would then think that "....if those ugly satanic forces want my pieces of metal, it means that they are really magic and they can really save me!!!....".

The choice on the usual Jews was an obliged choice. The Cathars were too much "hippies", they had in mind only the counter-culture, to smoke joints hidden in the caves where they preached (and maybe were doing also other kind of physical activity....) and so were not adequate to the role. But the Jews, yeah!, they were perfect! If they are technically speaking the "assassins of Jesus", then, when they would be constrained by me, the gentile church of Rome, to grasp the greatest amount of those pieces of metal in order to control its traffic in the society, it would have meant only that those pieces of metal were just the material substance of the 'salvation in Jesus', a salvation the perfidious "assassins" wanted to grasp in order then to destroy!!!!

In this way not only the boxes of salvation were born (old metallic money), but also the Dialectic Materialism appeared disguised in the economical and social form!

To better underline the goal of those "evil Jewish forces", I charged my old SS-the Templars with an enormous amount of rites regarding the 'sacred' Graal, which must be 'protected' from the evilness of those 'ugly perfidious forces', the assassins of Jesus! For this reason, the serial "Templars & sacred Graal" is on-air since centuries, because it represents the theological tissue which builds the concept of the "vector of salvation" played by the money: money should be nothing else than the condensed 'blood of Jesus Christ' which its 'evil assassin' enemies still wants to eliminate from the 'vein' of the society in order to launch all the humanity in the Hell!!!

Well, the High Command of Antichrist in Rome was still rubbing his dirty hands and with a sneer contemplating the system of enslavement he was building all over Europe: to keep humanity slave of a material structure ("church of Rome and its emperor the divinity of Vatican), via the medium of economical transaction. But there was a defect in those first "certificates of salvation": the true money, represents in itself a true value, a material value inherited by its metal, which is possible to use for some material, practical works. In other words, the materiality of the old true money was too much submitted to the common world of humans, to their attitudes, laws, moral and ethics which were still autonomous from the dictate of Rome. Observed from this perspective, a secular, worldly and human perspective, the money was the enemy of Rome and its vicarious Satanis, and hence no more a potential vector of salvation, but the opposite, the "Dung of the Devil".

Paradoxically it was just the uprising of a certain Roman Catholic monk of Germany to offer to Rome the opportunity to eliminate also this obstacle. Till that moment the money was not yet a perfect certificate of salvation. It was a sort of, because he was able to transfer the value of the material work in exchange of a magic piece of paper, the proper certificate of salvation in those age called "indulgence", but had still difficulties in to transform itself in a pure and true "certificate of salvation". That monk, declaring the presence of salvation represented by the certificates on salvation on the paper called "indulgences" a total fraud, at the same time, (pardon for the game with the words), "saved" also the true nature of the common money, which finally saw its shoulder free from the heavy theological duty of medium between the hard, material world of a suffering humanity and the 'divine' heights (of the papal throne). For Rome, the material work, condensed inside its little circular metallic shape, would have acquired a 'divine' essence allowing him to be exchanged with another 'divine' essence going in the opposite direction, the 'salvation' sanctioned by the church of Rome. Sincerely, for the poor gold and silver, materials which show their best abilities for example in the more trivial world of the electronic, the request was too much exaggerated!!!

As usual Rome the Whore played in advance, and accepted the provocation of that German monk: "If the money cannot represent the material work in the exchange, well, we will eliminate it from the face on earth, and will substitute it simply and directly with our paper certificates of salvation!". Yes, you must admit that the idea was formidable, but needed some centuries of preparation in order to be realized. First of all God had to disappear from the face of earth. A normal fact, when the interactions between humans are substituted by sacred paper! Economy so became more and more religious and just for this reason it was forbidden to speak about religion in the society. Theology started to speak with the "inflexible" rules of the economy, regulated by the abstract sphere of the finance. Atheism and anti-clericalism, introduced with the "enlightened" revolutions of second half of eighteen century were the bulldozers to level the remaining hills on which a last human autonomous discourse on religion and theology was nested and was obstacling the tide of the economical theology of Rome known with the name of: "capitalism". At this point the material true money started definitively to disappear. Humans, in exchange of their work, received directly "certificates of salvation" on paper, without mediums to intermediate the exchange. And those certificates became more and more abstract. If the material works of men has a 'divine' essence, only an equal 'divine' medium can intercept it and to exchange with other 'spiritual' goods. Today you can do practically nothing with money, neither to use it in the WC. It represents the absolute antithesis to the materiality of the work, because the material work must become a religious activity of 'salvation'. And something which no one can use, it is not submitted to the common law of utility and hence to all the decisional social autonomous sphere of the man. "Abstraction" is "nonexistence", and something which doesn't exist cannot be controlled by anyone except for the blasphemous ones who pretend to materially represents on earth the One who created the same void, God.

For this reason capitalism condemns the world to misery and starvation. Because our sins could then be solved through our jobs. Unemployment is a structural theological element of the World Economy of the Council of Trent (capitalism), and it corresponds to the state of sufferance for a religious guilty. Then you 'repent' of your guilty and a possibility of salvation is offered to you with the performance of some 'good works' (a job, of course under-paid). If your 'good works' are convincing, you receive, usually at the end of the month, some certificates of salvation which will allow you to escape the Roman Capitalist Catholic Hell of this planet (global economical crisis as generalized Inquisitorial martial law declared over all the planet).

And till the capitalism will exist, there will be a need of “assassins of Jesus” to threaten the 'sacred' “paper of salvations”. If the salvation is linked with the sufferance of Jesus Christ on the cross and hence with the blood, the salvation dealt by the “paper of salvation” must contain a little drop of that blood! Surely if they would write on it: “One Euro – One Drop of our Saviour – Coiner and Assassins of Jesus will be persecuted and punished with penal and Canon law – Central European Bank – Signed: the governor SJ instructed Mario Draghi”, many of us would roll on the floor for the laughing. For this reason, for Rome it is better to shut the mouth, and to let understand you that all this satanic trading of “paper of salvations” called “modern financial system” is something really 'divine' and 'sacred' in an indirect way, using the always efficient means of the pedagogical threat.

If the “tool on earth of Satan” (those famous “assassins”) wants to grasp and control the trade of “paper of salvations”, it would mean that those useless pieces of paper are really sacred and really contain a drop of blood of our Saviour!!!

I hope you are now more near to understand why, meanwhile Martin Luther sometimes incited (not a rare and scandalous fact in those ages!) to simply destroy the Jews, you have to wait well four centuries to see his 'dreams' realized, and this just through the hands of his implacable theological enemies, the traders and controllers of paper of salvations, the lords of the today Roman (Capitalist) Catholic church!
But for the succesive message, which will deal just with “Lutheranism, anti-semitism, Roman Catholicism, paper of salvation & Holocaust”, be patient, because I am very busy and don't forget: time is money!!!

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From day to day every aspect of the human life is marketed, and this is a global fact (=universal fact) of theological dimension.

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The historical process of evolution and perfecting of the Roman Catholic indulgence

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)