Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jesuits reaction through their world media to avles' expositions of Jesuit capitalism?


...BERLIN — Ikea has long been famous for its inexpensive, some-assembly-required furniture. On Friday the company admitted that political prisoners in the former East Germany provided some of the labor that helped it keep its prices so low. .......".


 When is dated the first of my posts on the Jesuit/Vatican control of the world economy?

sorry but this post is only at his beginning. As I started to elaborate it the line was selectively blocked. I tried to reach my "Jesuit/Vatican control of the world economy" posts in my ABE blog, but they were impossible to reach. As regard other links they all were OK.

yes, now it works, but it's too late. Now the link works because they read the above lines (the automatic saving allow to the internet jesuitical controller to be informed in real time of the post you are elaborating before its publication).