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Mussolini's Jesuitical revenge?


Above image - the general of SJ Pietro Tacchi-Venturi, SJ Wladimir Ledochowsky.

Above image - SJ Pietro Tacchi-Venturi, the Jesuit controller of Mussolini

Above image - Jesuitical Mussolini signing the restoring of Vatican as full Temporal Power.

Mario Tedeschi (Rome, September 9, 1924 - Rome, November 8, 1993) was an Italian journalist and politician.

Above image - Mario Tedeschi, the son of a Fascist of Jewish origin engineer murdered in Africa colonies

He succeeded Leo Longanesi to the direction of the magazine Il Borghese after the death of its founder. He led the magazine in what was perhaps the most successful period editorial. His father, fascist  of Jewish origin and construction engineer at the IACP, after the signing of the Lateran Treaty (1929), tore up the card party, and as punishment he was transferred to the colonies of East Africa to direct the construction of roads. There he died when the yard, defenseless, was attacked by enemy gangs and all Italians were killed......."


     Mario Tedeschi was the director of the post-war Italian radical right wing/Fascist and pro-monarchic publishing house/magazine "Il Borghese" which published the work of Nino lo Bello "The Vatican empire"/"L'Oro del Vaticano":

 Monday, March 25, 2013

Nino Lo Bello's "L'Oro del Vaticano" ["The Gold of the Vatican"]

From page 66 of Nino Lo Bello's The Vatican Empire, in Italian at page 72  in L'Oro del Vaticano (note the finesse of the page number coinciding with the fatidical year for the Jesuits' company, 1872):

".....When the news of the Church-State treaty was finally announced, the local citizenry—as well as the rest of the world—was startled. The Italian public, clearly pleased, accorded Benito Mussolini an overflow of support, which he himself had not perhaps anticipated. He became an idol to Catholic Italy. In thousands of homes, people cut pictures of the Duce from magazines and newspapers and pasted them on kitchen and living room walls. Youths splashed pro-Duce slogans in white paint on any flat surface available. Shovels he had used to inaugurate public projects were prized as relics. Wine glasses from which he had sipped were lovingly placed on shelves by restaurant owners. Young women by the thousands offered their favors to his virility—and let it be said that many of them, in fact, were ushered into the Duce's chambers.
     But if the Lateran Treaty was a major coup for Mussolini, it was to be an even bigger victory for the Vatican. Mussolini, like all his bloodstained predecessors, has gone the way of all flesh, but the Vatican remains. And today the Vatican is solidly entrenched in the
Italian economy

  ".... the increase of the 400 millions of men, who in all the corners of the Earth are looking at Rome, is of interest and a proud even for us who are Italians....”[by Benito Mussolini]

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

" of interest and a proud even for us who are Italians".

".....David Kertzer, in his book The Popes Against the Jews [8] (2001), accuses the Catholic Church have argued, with its anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism of the twentieth century totalitarianism. In particular, reports that in 1882 the "La Civiltà Cattolica" announced with satisfaction the first manifestations of modern anti-Semitic political movements that organized international conferences. Also shows that in 1890 appeared in the same journal three long articles on "Jewish question" in the following years were combined into a 90-page booklet distributed to every where....."

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1862: a trip in Vatican

[PS: of course all those Catholic Roman enthusiasm for the Duce after the signature of the Lateran Treaty disappeared few years later, when Mussolini was induced to believe he got charte blanche from the Vatican and in exchange for having restored the Temporal bulwark of the popes he could suppress the Catholic Action because too much riotous respect the directives of the party. But we can consider also this move of Mussolini already existing in the minds of the Jesuits, as the times were  mature to build the inner silent Catholic opposition to the regime, an opposition who would put at work in the scheme of sabotaging the Axis war in Eurasia, and where the best examples were the Russian front and the Yugoslavia. Don't worry if was SJ Sale to 'discover' that already in 1942 elements of the Savoy family plotted to make a quick 'end' to the war [= to change alliance and betray the Nazi-Germany]. But they too have been betrayed by the Vatican and the Jesuits, as Rome needed not of a simple 'defeat' of Germany, but of the total, complete annihilation of the last rests of Protestant Prussia, plus some others religious definitions become famous with the WWII...].

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